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Solar Film

The benefits of window film are extensive. We stock an array of Solar, Safety & Security, Privacy, Anti Fade and Specialist Films to solve all glass related issues.

The application of SolarGard Glass Film can:

  • Enhance security and safety.
  • Give one way and/or two way privacy whilst maintaining the light
  • Reduce fading of furnishing and merchandise
  • Reduce uncomfortable heat and/or Glare
  • Block Harmful UV Rays
  • Protect sufferers of Skin Sensitivity conditions
  • Incorporate corporate identity/signage whilst giving privacy and maintain the light.
  • Block out unattractive partitioning and untidy offices, giving one or two way privacy.

All our films

  • Block 99% of harmful UV light reducing fading and decolourisation of interiors.
  • Hold the glass together in the event of accidental or deliberate breakage

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