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Vehicle Tinting

Vehicle tinting is a very popular way of enhancing appearance, improving comfort levels and protecting occupants or valuables in your vehicle.

So why tint your Vehicle?

  • Style
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Reduce heat or glare
  • Give UV protection
  • Protect against prying eyes
  • Utilise the free advertising space available to you

We stock reflective, non-reflective, combined solar & safety, Safety & security and Speciality Films which come with a 5-10 year warranty. 

All our films

  • Block 99% of harmful UV light reducing fading and decolourisation of interiors.
  • Hold the glass together in the event of accidental or deliberate breakage.

All our films can also be used for sun visors. There is a maximum height limitation of 7”.

We also stock and array of coloured vinyl’s which are ideal for vehicle signage, Company logos, Vehicle logos, for sale signs etc.

Minister Noel Dempsey has recently accepted a proposition by the Road Safety Authority, banning excessively tinted car windows.

Main Changes to the NCT - From April 1st 2010

Clarity of windscreens and front side windows

  • "The glass in the windscreen and front side windows will be required to have a light transmission level of not less than 65% in order to pass the test"

This basically means you are still free to tint your windows as dark as you like up to the drivers door.
It is only the front driver and passenger door windows that are subject to NCT Regulations.
Our light tint reduces the light tranmission level by 10%.
Officially, our light tint should pass the NCT however,
it appears to be at the discreation of each NCT Centre whether the light tints are accepatable or not.

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