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Manifestations & Graphics

Manifestations & Graphics

The increased use of glass in construction can cause many Safety & Security problems or issues whilst simultaneously providing many opportunities if utilised to the best of its ability.

In accordance with Health and Safety standards, it is recommended that “every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or partition door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health and safety be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as in wither case, to make it apparent.” – See legislation explained!

We provide standard manifestation markings to conform with safety requirements i.e. 50mm squares, dots, bands etc or we can tailor make and cut any design or company logo. So why not satisfy health and safety regulations whilst simultaneously improving brand image by incorporating your company’s logo, opening times, lettering etc.

We work with architects, building contractors, graphic designers & companies to ensure you meet safety standards with the application of cut vinyl manifestation markings/designs to suit your specific needs and wants.

Our manifestations are a cost effective alternative to sandblasting or etching glass. They are also removable so future changes in design/colour etc can be easily incorporated.

So if its safety markings, privacy, company logos, lettering or an element of all of these you are looking for, we can recommend an array of films to most suit your requirements.

See Our Frosted films:

  • Vinyl’s
  • Pre-cut or tailor made examples.

Our in house vinyl plotter can also be used to create any vehicle, and bike graphics and logos.

Health & Safety Legislation Explained

The 3 diagrams below show simplified versions of the legislative rules, and how you can comply with them to ensure Health & Safety standards are met. The red bands represent the position and height the manifestations must lie between.

General regulations for floor to ceiling glazing, outline that frosted or vinyl manifestation markings at a minimum height of 50mm will suffice. However there are some variations to these regulations, where a darker colour vinyl is required in order to aid the visually impared.

In order to satisfy Health & Safety standards, the design must:
1. Run the full lenght of the glazing
2. Be a minimum height of 50mm
3. and positioned as shown.

You can also opt for a custom manifestation design, logo or lettering, as shown middle right.

Larger custom designs can also be used and are only needed at one level, providing it crosses into both bands, as shown bottom right.

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