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Safety Film

As the relationship between glass and construction has evolved over the years, we now find modern architects introducing more and more glass in their structures. With glass walls, roofs and hanging glazed panels. Although glass quality has been greatly improved, it is still identified as the weakest material in construction, creating potentially hazardous situations. Thankfully the application of Glass Film provides a solution to reduce or resolve all glass related issues including:

Upgrading glass to conform with Health and safety standards.

Injury and claim Reduction- complies with insurance regulations.

Repelling and Protecting from Crime and Vandalism

The application of the correct Safety & Security glass Film can protect your property, its interiors and its occupants at an affordable price.

The durable film construction and the tough adhesive, bonds to the glass, creating a functional “anti shatter” that holds the glass in place in the event of impact or vandalism. Thus upgrading the glass to conform with the requirements of BS6202.

These films are available in a variety of thicknesses (4, 7, 8 & 12 thou) depending on the level of protection needed. They are also available in clear film or a variety of reflective & non-reflective films so you can also benefit from anti heat, glare or privacy protection.


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